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Transformer Winding Wire

The heat resistance grades range from 130/155 class to 240 class. The spraying process ensures uniformity in mold spraying, baking temperature, film thickness, and voltage, resulting in a highly elastic paint film. These coatings offer good corona resistance, excellent softening and breakdown properties, outstanding overload resistance, and high-temperature stability.

Transformer Winding Wire

Specifications of Signi transformer winding wire

Enameled round wire diameter range: 7 -36 GUAGE ( 0.2 mm -15.0mm)

Enameled flat wire size range: the widest flat wire can reach 3 5 mm

Paint film thickness grade: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Insulating paint film: polyester, polyester imide, polyester imide/polyamide composited, high-temperature resistant

Reels: PT25 PT30 PT35 PT60 PT90 PT200 PT270 wooden reels, the maximum weight of each reel can reach 150kg. Tapered reels or other reels can be provided, and the model can be customized according to customer requirements. [Chalco enameled wire reel specifications]

Specification of Signi enamelled wire for transformer winding
Products Name Thermal Class (℃) JIS NEMA IEC
Modified polyester Enamelled Wire 155 3202-5 MW 5-C 60317-3
Polyester-imide Enamelled Wire 180 3202-8 MW 30-C 60317-8
Modified polyester overcoat polyamide-imide
Enamelled Wire
200 MW 35-C 60317-13
Polyester-imide overcoat polyamide-imide
Enamelled Wire
200 MW 35-C 60317-13

For more enameled wire specifications, please click to view detailed enameled wire [product data]

Signi transformer winding wire hot selling products

Copper transformer winding wire

Good electrical conductivity and high temperature tolerance. Used to wind the main coils and windings in power and distribution transformers.

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Copper transformer winding wire
Copper-clad aluminum trandformer winding wire

CCA winding wire

The use of aluminum reduces costs and weight. Used in large power transformers, especially cost and weight are considerations.

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Aluminum round winding wire

Thin enamel insulators enable tightly wound coils, maximizing turns in limited space, crucial for achieving the required transformation ratio.

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Aluminum round wire winding wire for transformer
Large size enameled flat wire for transformer winding

Large size winding wire

Larger surface area and better heat dissipation performance. More suitable for compact space or embedded space requirements.

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Self-adhesive winding wire

Found in high-frequency and harmonic filter transformers, they enhance winding performance and mechanical strength.

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Self-adhesive enameled wire for transformer winding
Direct welding enameled wire for transformer winding

Direct welding winding wire

The insulating paint layer is weldable and can be welded directly. Traditional processes such as wire winding, binding, and paint dipping are eliminated.

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Product performance of Signi transformer winding wire

Production 130 class polyester enameled 155 class polyester enameled 180 class polyester imide enameled 200/220 class polyester imide/polyamide composited 240 class high-temperature resistant
Heat resistance grade B F H C HC
Thermal Shock Lowest thermal shock temperature 155℃ Lowest thermal shock temperature 175℃ Lowest thermal shock temperature 200 ℃ Lowest thermal shock temperature 220 ℃ Lowest thermal shock temperature 300 ℃
Breakdown Voltage 4.4kv Can reach 7kv
Insulation performance Resistant to mechanical overload, heat, chemical, and corona, making it easy to weld and sinter
Minimum tensile strength 70-90 N/mm 2
Elongations % 15%-48%
Resistance to abrasion >67.75N
Scrape resistance 1 grade enameled wire: 1.95N 2 grade enameled wire: 3.15N

Features of Signi transformer wind wire product

  • High flexibility of enameled
  • Excellent bending properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good wear resistance
  • High mechanical properties
  • Higher thermal performance
  • Suitable for windings subjected to harsh environments, sustained high temperatures and mechanical stress

Features of Signi transformer wind wire product

Common transformers and the corresponding winding wire heat resistance grade

Transformer type application Features Heat resistance grade
power transformer Transformation and distribution of power systems Large capacity, high voltage level, high efficiency, stable operation Class B or F
Electric locomotive transformer Traction of electric locomotives Small size, light weight, vibration and impact resistance Class F or H
Industrial transformer Industrial production Various varieties, diverse structures and strong adaptability B , Class F or Class H
Electronic transformer Electronic equipment High frequency, small size, high efficiency Class F or H
Large transformer Capacity greater than 1000kVA High power, large volume, inconvenient to transport Class B or F
medium transformer Capacity is 100~1000kVA Moderate capacity and wide application range Class B or F
small transformer Capacity less than 100kVA Small size, light weight and low price Class B
dry type transformer No cooling medium is used Safety and environmental protection, good fire protection performance, low maintenance cost Class B or F
Oil-immersed transformer Use oil as cooling medium Good heat dissipation performance, large capacity and high efficiency Class B or F

Signi production capacity for transformer winding wire

  • The raw material is 9.5mm high-quality metal wire, which is processed into the required wire diameter through a wire drawing die.
  • The mold coating machine ensures that the paint film thickness is uniform and stable, and the voltage and insulation properties are consistent; it can apply up to three different electrical insulation coatings with a thickness of 60-450 μm; the paint film is high temperature resistant and will not crack at 350°C .
  • Advanced infrared oven technology strictly controls time and temperature to ensure uniform curing of insulation materials and ensure performance and stability.
  • The application of patented lubricating oil coating makes the automatic variable speed winding machine operate more smoothly and reduces friction.
  • The high-speed precision winding machine can precisely control the winding tension, speed and angle; providing wire coil types and sizes from 5kg to 200kg .
  • According to customer requirements, we provide test reports such as raw material pole material certificate, finished enameled wire paint film thickness, dielectric loss, breakdown test, elongation, elasticity test, etc.
  • weight of wooden wire reels can reach 200kg; cylindrical, conical or other customized models are available; the wire reels are well packaged, moisture-proof and shock-proof.

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