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About Signi

Signi Magnet Wire is a professional supplier, combining research, production, sales, and solutions. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, we stay abreast of the power appliance industry, enhancing our product market adaptability. Our operations and tailored supply chain solutions foster mutually beneficial and cooperative relationships with our customers.

About Signi

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality products, meticulous services, and sustainable value for both customers and the market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously innovate through technological research and development, improve the quality level of enameled wire products, and explore the application fields of enameled wire products.

Values and principles

Product Range

Product Range

Signi utilizes mold painting technology, ensuring a uniform paint film and consistent product performance. With mature technology and stable quality, our products find wide applications in transformers, motor power, electric vehicles, electronic digital products, photovoltaic wind power generation, instrumentation, household appliances, electric tools, and other fields.

  • High temperature resistant special enameled wires
  • Eicro-Enameled aluminum magnet round wire
  • Super-large-scale enameled flat aluminum wire
  • Straight welding enameled wire
  • Straight welding enameled wire
  • Copper-clad aluminum enameled wire

Signi history


Continuous technological innovation and market expansion...


The new factory has been put into use. 2800mm cold rolling mill and other equipment added to meet the increasing orders.


Foreign trade orders further increased, and the new production plant was put into construction.


Signi Aluminum Co. Ltd has been founded with the foreign trade department.


New type 1+2 continuous cold rolling mill; New type 4300mm aluminum plate hot rolling mill equipment.


Add 1+4 tandem hot rolling machines and other hot rolling production lines.


Signi Luoyang Aluminum Processing Factory founded, with a casting rolling and cold rolling production line.


Signi Henan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd Established.

Choose Signi

As a professional Enameled aluminum wire manufacturer, processor, and supplier, Signi always adheres to feedback quality to the market, feedback service to customers, and feedback sustainable development to society.

production equipment

Complete paint film types

Mold painting process

Customized mold

High precision production equipment

Intelligent production process

quality inspection plan

Breakdown test

Elongation test

Electrical resistance

Paint film thickness detection

Enamel scrape test

Heat shock test

Other tests specifically required buy clients

quality assurance

Resistance to mechanical overload

Resistance to thermal

Resistance to chemical

Resistance to corona

Easing to welding and sinter

Signi department structure

Signi feedback to society

The company's commitment to sustainable development

Signi promises to prioritize the selection of energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials on an equal footing with product production and customer service. During the production and processing process, strict control of paint film material standards is required to ensure that the paint film is non-toxic and harmless, and meets environmental protection requirements.

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    Sustainable development policies

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    Timely disclosure of basic information related to sustainable development

  • Other important sustainable development issues: environment, human rights and labor practices, supply chain, governance, etc.

  • Sustainable development goal activities and community activities


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