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200/220 Class Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide Composite Enameled Wire

200/220 Class Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide Composite Enameled Wire

Heat resistance rating: C Grade 200/C Grade 220
Painting process: Mold painting, uniform baking temperature and film thickness, uniform voltage, high paint film elasticity.
Specification:EC60317-3; GB/T6109.7 GB /T23312.3; MW 24-A; IEC 60317-0-3; IEC 60317-25; NEMA MW 73-A, MW 35-A; EN 1715 - EN AW1370

Signi Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide Composite Enamel wire, with a temperature rating of 200°C and a heat shock resistance of 220°C, offers high heat resistance and durability in freezing conditions.

It is utilized in automotive sensors, solenoids, refrigerator compressors, motors, or appliances operating in high-temperature, extreme cold, radiation, or overload environments.

  • The product surface is free from pinholes, burrs, paint runs, or aluminum leakage.
  • It exhibits excellent corona resistance, outstanding softening and breakdown performance, and superior overload resistance.
  • Neat wiring with threading holes left, no backwiring during use, thus enhancing circuit safety.

Specification of Signi polyester-imide/polyamide-imide composite wire

Enameled round wire conductor nominal diameter:

Grade 1: 0.4mm-1.6mm; Grade 2: 0.4mm-5.0mm

Enameled round wire diameter range: 0.2mm-15.0mm

Enameled flat wire size range: up to 35mm in width

Insulation film thickness grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

Insulating enamel: Primer Polyester-imide, Topcoat Polyamide-imide

Spools: PT25, PT30, PT35, PT60, PT90, PT200, PT270 wooden spools, with a maximum weight of up to 150kg per coil. Conical spools or other spools can be provided, and the models can be customized according to customer requirements. [Signi enameled wire spool specifications]

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Advantages of composite insulation coating for aluminum enameled wire

  • Stronger heat performance: Composite insulation enables wires to excel in high temperatures, ideal for applications where traditional enamel wires may falter.
  • Higher temperature resistance rating: Wires often have high-temperature ratings, like 220°C or higher, ensuring continuous operation in extreme heat without sacrificing performance, ideal for demanding industrial settings.
  • Stronger chemical corrosion resistance: The polyamide-imide in the insulation offers excellent chemical, solvent, and oil resistance, ensuring reliable wire performance in harsh chemical environments.
  • Higher abrasion resistance: Composite insulation provides superior abrasion resistance compared to traditional enamel, ensuring excellent wire performance in mechanically demanding applications.

Advantages of composite insulation coating

Performance characteristics of Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide enamelled aluminum wire

Performance characteristics Test method Property value Test values for a Damid 200 AL sample (2,00 mm, Gr2)
Heat shock IEC 60851-6.3 ≥200℃ ≥200℃
Cut-through IEC 60851-6.4 ≥320℃ OK at 340℃
Temperature index IEC 60172 ≥200℃ ≥200℃
Conductivity 1/R >35.5 m/(Ωmm2) >35.5 m/(Ωmm2)
Breakdown voltage IEC 60851-5.4 IEC 60317-0-3 9.0
Elongation IEC 6085-3.5 IEC 60317-0-3 25%
Flexibility Mandrel wind 3×Ø -
Stretching Min. 15% 20%
Adherence Jerktest No less of adhesion -
Peeltest Min.110 140

Hot selling product

Round wire

Round wire spans 0.2mm to 15.0mm, producing ultra-fine 0.2mm enameled aluminum wire.

The round wire has excellent elongation and 25-45% flattening ratio. The enamel surface remains crack-free with high groove filling post-flattening.

Round wire
 Flat wire

Flat wire

Larger surface area for improved heat dissipation.

Better suited for compact or embedded space requirements.

Higher mechanical strength.

Sinig magnet wire cooperation field

  • Various types of transformer windings include oil immersed transformer windings, dry-type transformers, high-frequency transformers, high-temperature transformers, substations, rectifiers, and furnace transformers;
  • Large, medium, and small motors include generators, welding machines, sealed motors, electric tool motors, automotive generator motors, high-power motors, household motors, and micro motors;
  • Electromagnetic equipment applications cover low-voltage and high current electromagnetic coils such as inductors and reactors, high-voltage coils, and windings for high disturbance signal transmission in microelectronics;
  • Special engineering application electromagnetic wires cover aerospace, wind turbines, electrometers, etc.

Chalco magnet wire cooperation field

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