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Motor Winding Wire for Industrial Applications

Heat resistance grades range from 130/155 to 240 class. The mold spraying process ensures uniformity for a highly elastic paint film. These coatings offer precise winding, reduced friction, and compatibility with other motor components.

Motor Winding Wire for Industrial Applications

The enameled wire for motors has two main tasks. It must conduct electricity in the longitudinal direction and insulate in the transverse direction. Signi specializes in the production of enameled wire for industrial motors. Its products are widely used in DC motors, AC motors, single-phase motors, three-phase motors, progressive motors, servo motors, explosion-proof motors, high-temperature-resistant motors and other special motors.

Product specifications of Signi winding wire for motors

Enameled round wire diameter range: 7-36 GUAGE (0.2 mm -15.0mm)

Enameled flat wire size range: the widest flat wire can reach 3 5 mm

Paint film thickness grade: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Insulating paint film: polyester imide, polyester imide/polyamide composited, high temperature resistance film

Reel: PT25 PT30 PT35 PT60 PT90 PT200 PT270 wooden reel, the maximum weight of each reel can reach 150kg. Tapered reel or other reels can be provided, and the model can be customized according to customer requirements. [Chalco enameled wire reel specifications]

Specification of Signi Motor Winding Wire for Industrial Applications
Products Name Thermal Class (℃) JIS NEMA IEC
Polyester Enamelled Wire 130 3202-5 60317-34
Modified polyester Enamelled Wire 155 3202-5 MW 5-C 60317-3
Polyester overcoat polyamide
Enamelled Wire
155 JCS 2393 MW 24-C
Modified Polyester overcoat polyamide
Enamelled Wire
180 MW 76-C 60317-22
Polyester-imide Enamelled Wire 180 3202-8 MW 30-C 60317-8
Polyester-imide overcoat polyamide-imide
Enamelled Wire
200 MW 35-C 60317-13
Polyamide-imide Enamelled Wire 220 JCS 2334 MW 81-C 60317-57
Polyimide Enamelled Wire 240 MW 16-C 60317-46
For more enameled wire specifications, please click to view detailed enameled wire product data [data page link]

Featured products of Signi motor winding wire

Copper winding wire

Good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and machinability, used in wind and water conservancy generators, machine tool motors, explosion-proof motors, etc.

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Copper winding wire
Copper-clad aluminum wir

CCA winding wire

Higher conductivity/weight ratio. Mainly used for large motors, such as wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, etc., to reduce the weight of the motor and improve efficiency.

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Enameled flat wire

Higher space utilization and can improve the filling factor of the motor winding, used for small precision motors, stepper motors, power tools: electric drills, electric saw motors.

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Enameled flat wire
Self-adhesive winding wire

Self-adhesive winding wire

The enameled wire is adhered in the slot without the use of adhesives, used for electric drills, electric saws, automobile motors, screening machines, conveyors, etc.

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Direct welding winding wire

Can be soldered directly on the circuit board for easy integration and is suitable for Micro execution motors in industrial automation equipment, drive motors in precision instruments, etc.

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Direct welding winding wire

Signi enameled aluminum wire product performance

Production 130 class polyester enameled 155 class polyester enameled 180 class polyester imide enameled 200/220 class polyester imide/polyamide composited 240 class high-temperature resistant
Heat resistance grade B F H C HC
Thermal Shock Lowest thermal shock temperature 155℃ Lowest thermal shock temperature 175℃ Lowest thermal shock temperature 200 ℃ Lowest thermal shock temperature 220 ℃ Lowest thermal shock temperature 300 ℃
Breakdown Voltage 4.4kv Can reach 7kv
Insulation performance Resistant to mechanical overload, heat, chemical, and corona, making it easy to weld and sinter
Minimum tensile strength 70-90 N/mm 2
Elongations % 15%-48%
Resistance to abrasion >67.75N
Scrape resistance 1 grade enameled wire: 1.95N 2 grade enameled wire: 3.15N

Signi motor winding wire product features

  • Good chemical resistance, can cope with high humidity, high dust and other industrial environments;
  • Good wear resistance, can cope with high vibration of industrial machinery;
  • High heat resistance, suitable for long-term operation of mechanical motors;
  • High flexibility of enameled;
  • Excellent bending performance;
  • High mechanical properties.

Signi motor winding wire product features

Signi enameled motor winding wire production capacity

  • The raw material is 9.5mm high-quality metal wire, which is processed into the required wire diameter through a wire drawing die.
  • The mold coating machine ensures that the paint film thickness is uniform and stable, and the voltage and insulation properties are consistent; it can apply up to three different electrical insulation coatings with a thickness of 60-450 μm; the paint film is high temperature resistant and will not crack at 350°C.
  • Advanced infrared oven technology strictly controls time and temperature to ensure uniform curing of insulation materials and ensure performance and stability.
  • The application of patented lubricating oil coating makes the automatic variable speed winding machine operate more smoothly and reduces friction.
  • The high-speed precision winding machine can precisely control the winding tension, speed and angle; providing wire coil types and sizes from 5kg to 200kg.
  • According to customer requirements, we provide test reports such as raw material pole material certificate, finished enameled wire paint film thickness, dielectric loss, breakdown test, elongation, elasticity test, etc.
  • The maximum weight of wooden wire reels can reach 200kg; cylindrical, conical or other customized models are available; the wire reels are well packaged, moisture-proof and shock-proof.

Signi enameled motor winding wire production capacity

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