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High Temperature Aluminium Magnet Wire strip
High Temperature Aluminum Magnet Wire (anodized aluminium wire) -- Aluminum oxide

  High Temperature Aluminum Magnet Wire (Anodized aluminium wire) belongs to the special electromagnetic wire and the insulation layer is the aluminum oxide . Because of no thermal aging phenomenon, it can be used as insulation level of class 220.
The insulation layer of such product is thin, high temperature resistance and insulation performance stability,which is the best choice for low voltage winding wires with producing high temperature, poor environment, heat dissipation difficulty and so on.
It can widely be used in electromagnetic industries at home and abroad.
High Temperature Aluminum Magnet Wire
Conductor : aluminum
Diameter Range (mm) :  : 1.5-7.2 : a: 1.8-3 b: 4-20
Temperature Class : 240C
Volt : 》=150V
Elongation : 10%
Standard : GB
Package : 70kg wooden spool

Application of High Temperature Aluminum Magnet Wire :
This product is suitable to lifting electromagnets, reactors and other low-voltages and high current electromagnetic windings
1. Usage: This product is suitable for all kinds of motors, electrical appliances, electrical products, and the conductor of electromagnetic wire.
2. Main technical property: This product have very good electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.

3. Product range:   
thickness a: 1.00--5.60mm
Width b: 5.00--16.00mm
4. Standard: GB/T5584.2-1985

5. Product name:  

Type Name
SIGNI-LBR Soft Aluminum wire
SIGNI-LBY1 Hard aluminum wire type HI
SIGNI-LBY2 Hard aluminum wire type H2
Specification of High Temperature Aluminum Magnet Wire :

Conductor: Aluminum:
Diameter Range (mm): 1.5-7.2
a: 1.8-3
b: 4-20
Temperature Class: 240C
Volt: 》=150V
Elongation: 10%
Standard: GB
Package: 70kg wooden spool
Storage of Aluminum magnet wire : 
(1) Never store wire in an area exposed to direct sunlight.
(2) Avoid high-humidity environments.
(3) Avoid special environments (gasses).
(4) Be sure that no magnet wire will hit other articles or other magnet wires.
(5) Never store wire in a dusty area.

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