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aluminium wire for transformer winding

Author:frank   Time:2020-11-02   Source:未知

aluminium wire for transformer winding




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At present, most of the transformer windings of domestic power transformer manufacturers use copper wire or copper foil, but some also use aluminium wire for transformer winding or aluminum foil for transformer winding. There are also many series of advantages and disadvantages of copper wire transformer and aluminum wire transformer. It has been suggested that transformers made of aluminium wire for transformer winding have become a common practice abroad, and the embarrassment faced by China is only due to the long-standing concept that aluminum is inferior to copper.

In fact, the use of aluminium wire for transformer winding in power transformer windings is nothing new. As early as the 1970s or 1980s, domestic transformer manufacturers were using aluminum wire or aluminum foil to wind coils. At that time, copper resources were quite scarce and copper prices were high, which increased production costs. In order to reduce production costs and facilitate supply, it was necessary to use aluminum strip copper to produce transformers. At that time, it was only a measure that had to be adopted as a last resort.
Aluminum wire transformer is not inferior to copper wire in performance. Aluminum has higher resistivity and lower strength, but it can meet the requirements of loss and short-circuit strength by reducing the electric density.

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