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Six Methods of Stripping Enameled Aluminum Wire

Updated : Feb. 19, 2024

Enameled aluminum wire is aluminum wire coated with a very thin layer of insulation. It is used in the construction of transformers, inductors, motors, speakers, hard disk drive actuators, electromagnets, and other applications requiring tightly insulated coils..

In certain situations, such as welding or measuring the film thickness, it is necessary to remove the insulation layer from enameled aluminum wire. There are typically 6 methods for removing the insulation layer from enameled wire.

Physical stripping

Using electric paint stripping tools causes minimal damage to the surface of enameled aluminum wire. Without high temperatures, the aluminum surface does not form an oxide film, and the wire does not become brittle.

Physical stripping

Chemical stripping

For enameled copper wires with temperature grades of 130 (B), 155 (F), and 180 (H), specialized enamel stripping agents can be used for insulation removal. This method causes minimal damage to the aluminum of enameled aluminum wire but is generally ineffective for high-temperature wires. Therefore, it is not suitable for high-temperature wires.

Thermal stripping

The thermal stripping method usually involves using a flame. The wire is positioned vertically, and the end is straightened out. After clamping the uninsulated part with pliers, the wire is heated with an alcohol lamp to burn off the enamel. After cooling, it is lightly wiped with fine gauze. Although efficient, improper handling can cause burns or damage to the wire.

Grinding stripping

Grinding materials like sandpaper can effectively remove the insulation from enameled aluminum wire without damaging the aluminum underneath. This method requires attention to detail and a gentle touch to avoid compromising the wire's integrity. While suitable for thicker wires, it may not be the best choice for very fine wires.

Grinding stripping

Ultrasonic stripping

For intricate and precise stripping needs, ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be used to remove paint coatings from aluminum wires. Ultrasonic waves effectively penetrate and remove the enamel insulation layer without damaging the aluminum wire. This method is suitable for applications where precision is crucial.

Laser Stripping

Laser Stripping is a precise wire stripping method that uses laser energy to remove the enamel insulation layer without damaging the metal conductor. The polymer coating absorbs the light waves, causing atoms to be torn away from the wire surface. Meanwhile, the light reflects from the conductor, generating a small amount of heat for "cold" evaporation of the insulation layer.

Laser Stripping

For small-diameter wires, ultraviolet laser technology utilizes short-wavelength UV light and nanosecond pulses to instantly evaporate the enamel insulation, preserving a clean metal surface for easy connection.

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