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The aluminium enameled wire industry is a basic material industry supporting electrical appliances, home appliances and electronic information, communications and other industries. Its direct users are product manufacturers in these industries.

Its market demand develops with the requirements of these industries. And manufacturing technology improves with the continuous emergence of new technologies in these industries.

What is the Enameled Aluminum magnet wire?

enamelled aluminum wire belongs to a variety of aluminum magnet wire, which refers to the round or flat conductor drawn by the electric round aluminum rod through the round or flat mold, and then coated on the round or flat conductor according to the customer's requirements.

The insulating varnish with temperature index and compatibility, after baking treatment, makes the insulating varnish and the conductor form an integral aluminium winding wires.

According to the insulating paint used, it can be divided into: polyester enameled aluminum wire, polyesterimide enameled aluminum wire, polyamideimide enameled aluminum wire, polyimide enameled aluminum wire, polyesterimide / poly Amide-imide enameled aluminum wire, corona-resistant enameled aluminum wire, as well as oil-based paint, acetal paint, polyurethane enameled aluminum wire, etc.

Sometimes it is also classified according to the speciality of its use, such as self-adhesive enameled aluminum wire, refrigerant resistant enameled aluminum wire, etc.

The Advantages of super enameled aluminium wire

Aluminum is not only cheaper than copper, but also as an excellent conductor, it has better flexibility than copper, its density is only 1/3 of copper, and the same weight of aluminum conducts electricity twice as much as copper, so aluminum Wire requires a larger wire gauge than copper wire to conduct the same current.

Another advantage of enamelled aluminum wire over copper is that the NEMA standard recognizes aluminum wire as a higher thermal class enamelled wire. For example, replacing copper conductors with aluminum conductors and using a high-temperature polyester-laminated polyamide-imide topcoat, the thermal rating can be increased from 200 to 220.

copper vs aluminum wire

copper vs aluminum wire

1)Both copper and aluminum have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, so they are often used to make various wires, cables and current-carrying parts.

The density of aluminum is 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter, while the density of copper It is 8.9 grams per cubic centimeter.

The flexibility of aluminum conductors is better than that of copper conductors. In contrast, it is easier to make coils. Because the surface of the enameled aluminum wire has a solid oxide film, it has good insulation effect and long service life.

2). Because of the good insulation of the film layer of the aluminum wire, its heat-resistant temperature is 20°C higher than that of the copper wire.

3). The biggest advantage of using aluminum wire is that the weight is 1/3 lighter than that of copper wire, which greatly reduces production costs and is easy to attach to fixtures.

The Grading of enameled aluminum wire

According to the shape of the conductor, it is divided into: round, flat

Insulation temperature class: 120, 130, 155, 180, 200, 220, etc.

According to different electrical insulation requirements, optional paint film thickness:

According to national standards, it is divided into grade 1 paint film, grade 2 paint film and grade 3 paint film

The Characteristics of enameled aluminum wire

1) High temperature resistance, severe cold resistance, corona resistance, refrigerant resistance, radiation resistance, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties

2) Excellent thermal stability, good scratch resistance, good solvent resistance, and heat dissipation

3) Good adhesion and thermal stability

4) Excellent thermal shock resistance, heat resistance and electrical properties

5) Excellent electrical properties and short-circuit impact resistance

Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire

1)Product description: Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire uses bare aluminum flat wire as conductor. Our company independently designs and develops intelligent high-speed drawing equipment for aluminum wire, high-efficiency cleaning device for enameled aluminum wire, flux for aluminum alloy joint, lubricating fluid for drawing aluminum wire, and cleaning fluid for aluminum wire through special processing of bare aluminum flat wire.

Drawing die configuration scheme, wire speed ratio and sliding coefficient of wire drawing equipment, wire tension control technology, and aluminum flat wire return technology, so as to overcome the difficulties of aluminum flat wire joints, easy surface damage, difficult cleaning, and many bright spots and beads on the surface of aluminum wire. , exposed aluminum point and other process problems, so that the product has good mechanical and electrical properties, thus replacing the application field of enameled copper flat wire.

enameled aluminum flat wire specification

enameled aluminum flat wire specifications

2) Product Specifications:

Conductor thickness dimension a: 0.40mm--5.60mm

Conductor width dimension b: 2.00mm--16.00mm

Recommended conductor width to thickness ratio 1--20 (square wire can also be produced)

Insulation temperature class: 120, 130, 155, 180, 200, 220, etc.

Film Thickness: Class 1 Film, Class 2 Film and Class 3 Film

The thin paint film is 0.08mm--0.11mm, and the thick paint film is 0.12mm--0.16mm. If the self-adhesive layer is applied outside, the thickness of the self-adhesive layer is generally 0.03-0.05mm, and the total paint film thickness deviation can be controlled within ±0.015 Within the range of mm, the extreme can be controlled within the range of ±0.010mm.

If customers need special paint film thickness, it can be produced according to customer requirements.

3) Product features:Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire has high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, electrical properties and chemical properties and excellent freezing resistance.

4) Product application: Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire is widely used in transformers, generators, motors, reactors and windings of various electrical equipment coils;

Round Enameled Aluminum Wire

1) Product description: Round Enameled Aluminum Wire is one of the main varieties of magnet wire. It is composed of conductor and insulating layer. After the bare wire is softened by annealing, it is painted and baked many times.

Round Enameled Aluminum Wire specification

Round Enameled Aluminum Wire specification

2) Product specification: The Round Enameled Aluminum Wire produced by our company is mainly made of aluminum conductor, and the wire diameter is from 0.15mm to 6.00mm

3) Product features: Round Enameled Aluminum Wire has high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, electrical properties and chemical properties and excellent free

zing resistance.

4) Product application: The Round Enameled Aluminum Wire produced by our company is widely used in the windings of distribution transformers, generators, various motors and various electrical equipment coils;

The Application fields of Insulated Enameled Aluminum magnet wire

1) General purpose enameled wire (ordinary wire): It is mainly used for winding wires in general motors, electrical appliances, instruments, transformers and other workplaces, such as polyester enameled wire and modified polyester enameled wire.

2) Heat-resistant enameled wire: It is mainly used for winding wires of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, transformers and other workplaces that work in a temperature environment of 180°C and above, such as polyesterimide enameled wire, polyimide enameled wire, polyester enameled wire, polyester Imine/polyamideimide composite enameled wire.

application of aluminum magnet wire

application of aluminum magnet wire

3) Enameled wire for special purposes: refers to the winding wire with certain quality characteristics required for specific occasions, such as: polyurethane enameled wire (straight weldability), self-adhesive enameled wire.

The Types and usages of aluminium magnet wire

1) Acetal enameled wire, with two thermal grades of 105 and 120, has good mechanical strength, adhesion, transformer oil resistance and refrigerant resistance, but the product has poor moisture resistance, low thermal softening breakdown temperature, and durable benzene-alcohol The mixed solvent performance is weak and other defects, only a small amount is used for the winding of oil-immersed transformers and oil-filled motors.

2) For polyester and modified polyester enameled wires, the thermal grade of ordinary polyester enameled wire is 130, and the thermal grade of modified enameled wire is 155. The product has high mechanical strength, and has good elasticity, adhesion, electrical properties and solvent resistance. Its weaknesses are poor thermal shock resistance and low moisture resistance. It is currently the largest variety in my country, accounting for about two-thirds, and is widely used in various motors, electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunication equipment and home appliances.

3) Polyurethane enameled wire; thermal grades are 130, 155, 180, 200. The biggest feature is that it has direct welding, good high frequency resistance, easy coloring, and good moisture resistance. It is widely used in electronic appliances and precision instruments, telecommunications, and instruments. The weakness of this product is that its mechanical strength is slightly poor and its heat resistance is not high. , and the flexibility and adhesion of large-sized wires are poor, so the specifications of this product are mostly small and medium-sized wires.

4) Polyesterimide/polyamide composite enameled wire, thermal grade 180, the product has good thermal shock resistance, high softening breakdown temperature, excellent mechanical strength, good solvent resistance and refrigerant resistance, and its weakness is in closed conditions It is easy to be hydrolyzed and widely used in the windings of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, power tools, dry-type power transformers, etc. with high heat resistance requirements.

5) Polyesterimide/polyamideimide composite layer enameled wire is widely used heat-resistant enameled wire at home and abroad. Its thermal class is 200. Radiation and other characteristics, high mechanical strength, stable electrical performance, good chemical resistance and refrigerant resistance, and strong overload capacity. Widely used in refrigerator compressors, air-conditioning compressors, power tools, explosion-proof motors and motors and electrical appliances used in high temperature, high cold, radiation resistance, overload and other conditions.

All the products from Henan Signialuminium adopts IEC, GB, JIS, NEMA etc standard, and are widely used in the manufacture of motor, transformer, power, electric welding, instrument and meter, household appliances, refrigeration compressor, deflecting coil, special motor, high-frequency transformer and electronic, electrical products etc.

In order to meet the challenges brought by the large international market, Our company insists on high quality and technical innovation strategy, and successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Authentication and 14001 Environmental System Authentications. A part of products passed America UL Authentication and SGS ROSH (Environmental Protection Authentication), all these efforts greatly enhanced our competitiveness in the international market.

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