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Industry status and development of enameled aluminum flat square wire

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Industry status and development of enameled aluminum flat square wire




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The huge market demand for enameled aluminum flat square wire and the pressure of copper raw material cost prompted the emergence of enameled aluminum wire. Aluminum wire has more excellent flexibility, lightness and high conductivity. Enameled aluminum wire is mainly used in microwave oven transformers, TV degaussing coils and small motors for most household appliances. The enameled aluminum square wire is not suitable for the use of products in long-term uninterrupted occasions, so it can only be used in areas with relatively simple process technology. At present, the production technology of enameled aluminum wire in my country is relatively backward, resulting in uneven quality of enameled aluminum wire products on the market.
The enameled aluminum flat wire industry is a basic material industry supporting electrical appliances, home appliances and electronic information, communications and other industries. Its direct users are product manufacturers in these industries, and its market demand develops with the requirements of these industries. , And enameled wire new products and manufacturing technology with the continuous emergence of new technologies in these industries and improve.
In the past few years, the growth rate of the enameled aluminum flat wire industry is higher than the average growth rate of the national economy. After China's entry into WTO, with the transfer of the world's manufacturing center and the formation of China's becoming the world's manufacturing center, China's enameled wire has entered a new high-speed development stage. one. During this period, the global demand for enameled wire developed from 1.6 million tons in 1990 to 2.1 million tons in 2000. China's enameled wire production and sales from 1990 accounted for only 6.25% of the global total, to 15.37% in 2000, close to 30% in 2005. According to the development momentum of China's economy, it is predicted that it will increase to about 50% by 2015. At that time, China's enameled wire production accounts for half of the world's production, becoming a veritable enameled wire production and sales powerhouse.

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