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Oil-immsersed transformers winding wire
Transformer insulation wire is usually circular, according to the insulation of the conductor material can be discription the following details :
Enameled covered aluminum wire
  Enameled wire is coated with insulating paint on the outside of the bare Aluminium wire, constitute the inside due to the effect of insulating varnish, between the two adjacent wire can bear 200 v ac voltage Q general insulation flow line surface light, soft, can work under the condition of 130 ℃ continuous.In addition, enameled wire bending also requires 10 times, paint should not fall off, in order to meet the winding when won't appear the quality problem.

Enameled covered wire, suitable for high pressure transformer.
Paper wrapped wire, suitable for middle & low pressure transformer.
Production Scene.

 The features and usage of common insulated wires :

Model Name Main Features Useage
  Oil-immsersed Enameled Round
 aluminum wire
Poor insulation mechanical strength. Apply to the requirements of transformer,
 inductance coil winding and instrument,
 is great for small motor windings.
  High strength polyvinyl acetal 
enameled round aluminum wire
High insulation mechanical strength, 
good electrical properties.
Apply to the transformer, inductance coil,
 and meters and motor winding;
  High strength polyester enameled
 round aluminum wire
High mechanical strength between 
Insulation layer, good resistance to 
solvent properties,can work under 
130’c temperature.
Apply to the transformer, inductance coil,
 instruments and meters and medium 
and small motor winding;
  High temperature resistance polyimide
 film enameled round aluminum wire
With heat resistance, oil resistance, 
corrosion resistance, solvent resistance,
 radiation resistance and other 
Suitable for heat-resistant electrical 
and instrument
 winding under 200 temperature.
  Single-silk covered enameled round
 aluminum wire
Have good mechanical strength, dielectric
 properties, chemical stability and wave 
Suitable for heat-resistant electrical
 and instrument 
winding under 200 temperature.
  Double fiberglass layer round 
aluminum wire
High temperature resistant level, has the
 good electrical and mechanical 
Suitable for working temperature 
between -60C and +150C.
  Single-fiberglass High strength enameled 
round aluminum wire
With good mechanical and electrical 
Suitable for working temperature 
between -60C and


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