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Class 180 polyesterimide enameled aluminum flat wire

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In recent years, due to the strong global demand for copper resources, copper mines have been mined in large quantities, and copper prices have skyrocketed. my country's copper resources are relatively lacking, and currently 60% rely on imports. Aluminum enameled wire has a small proportion and low price, especially the demand for small size enameled aluminum wire is expanding. At present, many electronic and electrical companies have started copper-to-aluminum projects one after another, and domestic research institutes and industrial enterprises have begun research on aluminum winding wires with excellent performance. enameled aluminum flat wire is widely used in transformers, electric welding machines, high-power motors and other fields. At present, there is no industrialized development of enameled flat aluminum wire production enterprises at home and abroad, and the market potential is great. In 2006, the output of dry-type transformers in my country exceeded 42 million kilowatts, and 15,000 tons of enameled flat wires were needed; electric welding machines and large motors had a capacity of 22 million kilowatts, and 20,000 tons of enameled flat wires were required, and 50% of them were replaced by enameled aluminum flat wires. , the annual demand reaches 18,500 tons. At present, the market demand for enameled aluminum flat wire in the international market is more than 30,000 tons, and it is increasing at a rate of 10% every year.
Class 180 polyesterimide enameled aluminum flat wire is a new type of special magnet wire product. This product uses aluminum flat wire as the conductor. Through special processing of bare aluminum flat wire, we independently design and develop intelligent high-speed drawing equipment for aluminum wire, high-efficiency cleaning device for enameled aluminum wire, flux for aluminum alloy joint, lubricating fluid for drawing aluminum wire, cleaning fluid for aluminum wire, and scientifically design drawing dies. Configuration scheme, wire speed ratio and sliding coefficient of wire drawing equipment, wire tension control technology, and aluminum flat wire return technology, so as to overcome the difficulties of aluminum flat wire joints, easy surface damage, difficult cleaning, and many bright spots, beads, and dew on the surface of aluminum wire. Process problems such as aluminum dots make the product have good mechanical and electrical properties, thereby replacing the application field of enameled copper flat wire.
Class 180 polyesterimide enameled aluminum flat wire, our company has designed a high-efficiency cleaning device for special enamelled aluminum wire, and the contact surface of the flattening and drawing equipment is transformed into plastic material, equipped with special aluminum Wire drawing lubricating fluid and cleaning fluid, developed aluminum alloy material street flux, selected reasonable wire speed ratio, sliding coefficient, line tension control and other process parameters of wire drawing equipment, which are advanced and original in China. The product has excellent mechanical and electrical properties, suitable for dry-type transformers, electric welding machines, high-power motors and other fields, and can replace the application of enameled copper flat wire, and its product technical performance has reached the international advanced level.

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