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Fiberglass Aluminum Magnet Wire
Glass-fiber Polyester Film Insulated Covered Aluminum magnet wire
Glass-fiber covered aluminum magnet wire used to have weak coating strength (abrasion resistance, shock resistance, and flexibility). However, that disadvantage has been significantly improved recently by refining material selection and manufacturing methods. The demand for glass-fiber covered aluminum magnet wire is increasing as the wires have excellent uniformity and electrical properties under high temperatures and humidity.

Specifications : 
* Thickness: 0.8mm--7mm
* Width: 2.0mm--16.0mm
* Temp Class : 155, 180
* Standard : IEC,NEMA,GB,JIS
* Diameter: 1.7mm--6mm
* Resistivity : copper 20℃<=0.017241Ω(mm)^2/m , Aluminum 20℃<=0.028000Ω(mm)^2/m
* Package : PT-25, PT-30,30kg/50kg/150kg wooden Spool according to customers requirements
Special spec can be made as well if request.
* Signi Fiberglass Polyester film insulated covered Aluminum magnet wire follow the standard of GB5584.3-2009, electrical resistivity at 20℃ is above 0.028 Ω-mm²/m.

Feature :
Wrapped smoothly and tightly, without missing layers, bright and clean;
Material :
Drawing or extruding bare wire confirm to National Standard. smooth surface, no defects;


Applicaton of Fiber Glass covered Aluminum magnet wire:
The product is widely used in transformers, electromagnets, welders or other similar products, medium and large electrical appliances winding.

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