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turboline enamelled aluminium wire

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turboline enamelled aluminium wire




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Introduction of turboline enamelled aluminium wire
turboline enamelled aluminium wire is the winding on the turbine, which is a main type of winding wire. It is a winding wire made by coating with insulating paint many times.

Features of turboline enamelled aluminium wire
turboline enamelled aluminium wire has high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical properties and excellent freezing resistance. It is suitable for refrigeration equipment that works for a long time at 200 ℃ and chemically corroded electrical equipment, dry-type transformers, and oil-immersed Transformers and epoxy cast transformers, iron separators, electromagnets and other electromechanical equipment. Enameled aluminum wire is not only useful equipment, but also the main raw material commonly used by aluminum artists.
Turbine enameled aluminum wire was first used in handicrafts, and it was unexpectedly used by the aluminum art master Yang Liehao. Its special color and physicality determine the nobility and elegance of handicrafts. The articles compiled are long-lasting, not dry or cracked, not rusty and not rotted, nostalgic in bronze, lifelike, and have a reputation for copyright among the people. Aluminum art works belong to indoor display ornaments. Generally, they are not large in size and can be placed on a desk or shelf. Therefore, they are also called shelf treasures, art of life, and treasures of treasures. They have a wide range of applications and are used in various The art form of environmental decoration has an important role in serving the society and beautifying the environment. Nowadays, the turboline enamelled aluminium wire has completely replaced the alumina wire, and it is more popular among the people.

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