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paper covered aluminum wire for micro motors

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paper covered aluminum wire for micro motors




Product Detail

The difference between paper covered aluminum wire for micro motors and copper wire for micro motors
The electrical resistivity of the copper wire package is 0.017, while the resistivity of the aluminum wire package is 0.028. The cross-sectional ratio of copper wire and aluminum wire interchange is 0.79:1, which means that six square copper wires are equivalent to ten square aluminum wires. In this case, the diameter of the aluminum wire used is thicker than the copper wire, and the same aluminum wire of the stator slot will not fit. The amount of current per unit area is also different. Copper wires can pass 5-8A current per square millimeter, while aluminum wires are much less, about 3-5A.
In addition to the different cross-sectional currents and materials of copper and aluminum wires, the other main differences are: paper covered aluminum wire for micro motors are lighter in weight, relatively cheaper, and have poorer mechanical strength. The aluminum wires are extremely easy to connect to the wire ends. Oxidation, the temperature rise and poor contact will occur after the connection wire end is oxidized, which is more likely to cause circuit failure (power failure or disconnection); in addition, aluminum is not easy to weld, has low strength, low melting point, and is easy to oxidize, increase temperature and wear Big.
Other advantages of paper covered aluminum wire for micro motors
1. The physical properties of aluminum are not as thin as copper wire drawing, so generally the aluminum wire of the same power motor is slightly thicker;
2. Because the resistance value of the aluminum wire of the same cross-sectional area is higher than that of the copper wire, to obtain the same current, it is bound to increase the cross-sectional area of ​​the aluminum wire, that is, the diameter is larger;
3. To make a motor of the same power, because the diameter of the paper covered aluminum wire for micro motors is thicker, the winding will increase, and the original silicon steel sheet slot cannot satisfy the winding embedding. For this reason, the only way to expand the slot is to increase the outer diameter and thickness of the stator.

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