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Motor and Aluminium winding wire

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Motor and Aluminium winding wire




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Motor and winding wire

The motor generally includes a stator and a rotor, with a core and windings on the stator or rotor.
The insulated wire is winded by a certain shape to form a coil. The coil can be a turn or a plurality of turns. A plurality of coils form a group of units and is called a coil group. A combination of a plurality of coils or coil groups constituting one phase or the entire electromagnetic circuit becomes a winding .

    Winding coil in the motor is winded, due to more turns and easy to cause the winding stack irregular, resulting of the the air in winding gap can not flow smoothly to the outside of the winding. The heat at the bottom of the winding can only be dissipated in the air by direct contact with the windings and the air gap by heat transfer to the winding of the surface and going to the air. However, due to the irregular winded winding, the contact area between the wire and the wire can not be ensured, which is not conducive to the heat transfer between the wires. In addition, the thermal conductivity of the metal material used in the insulated wire is not high, and the heat dissipation of the winding is also affected.

    After the motor heats up, the insulated wire temperature of the motor windings will increase, and the insulated wire will react strongly to the high temperature, accelerating the aging and reducing the service life. If the temperature rise is too high, will make the insulated wire carbonization and loss of insulation, the motor winding will be short circuit failure, the heat problem will make the iron core local overheating phenomenon, when the iron core local overheating phenomenon occurs, it will make The magnetic flux of the core work is gradually decreased, resulting in a decrease in the conversion efficiency until the core is scrapped.

    Since the heat dissipation effect of the windings has a significant impact on the performance of the motor, many efforts have been made by those technicistin the art to improve the heat dissipation of the motor windings.

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