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magnetic coil wire

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magnetic coil wire




Product Detail

magnetic coil wire is also called winding wire. It is an insulated wire introduced into the coil or winding in the manufacture of electrical products. Magnet wire is usually divided into enameled wire, wound wire, enameled wire and inorganic insulated wire.
There are many types of film insulation from temperature class 105 to class 240. Multiple film types have their own unique feature sets to meet specific application requirements.
The shelf life of the magnetic coil wire is not determined in the commercial specifications. As long as the wire is properly stored, it may be available in the next few years. Solderable wires must not be stored at temperatures exceeding 100°F. The purity of electrolytic tough pitch (ETP copper, UNS C11000) exceeds 99.9%, which is the most widely used type of magnet wire. It is intentionally oxidized (200-400 ppm) to achieve the best combination of conductivity, cold workability and economy. MWS can also provide wires made of high purity (99.95%) OFHC copper (UNS C10200) or certified (99.99%) OFHC copper (UNS C10100).
magnetic coil wire is a copper-aluminum wire with a thinner enamel insulation layer instead of the usual thicker plastic. The conductivity of the two wires is the same, but the electromagnetic copper wire is specially coated with a thin and high heat-absorbing material. magnetic coil wire are coated with enamel insulation instead of plastic or rubber coating.

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