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copper clad aluminum wire swg standard

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copper clad aluminum wire swg standard




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Advantages of copper clad aluminum wire swg standard
1. The technology of copper clad aluminum wire swg standard is relatively low in price because it is not pure copper in material. In terms of weight, because the measurement unit of wire is often meters instead of weight, it saves transportation costs.
2. Due to the "skin effect" characteristic of high-frequency signals, copper-clad aluminum wires and copper-clad steel wires have the same electrical conductivity as pure copper wires when transmitting high-frequency signals (greater than 5MHz).
The function of copper clad aluminum wire swg standard
Because the main function of this kind of wire is to transmit signals, the current flowing through it is very small. However, since the conductivity of aluminum is only 2/3 of that of copper, the national standard stipulates that all wires and cables used to transmit electrical energy must use unplated or metal-plated annealed copper wires as conductors, and aluminum wires (including copper-clad aluminum) are prohibited. wire) as a conductor.
The use of copper clad aluminum wire swg standard
The copper clad aluminum wire swg standard is widely used in degaussing coils, DY (deflection coils), power magnetic rings, air-core coils, cable television coaxial cables, large-capacity communication network signal cables, control signal cables, shielded wires, and manufacturing low-voltage civil applications. Wires, automotive low-voltage control lines, special cable shielding braiding, etc.

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