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copper clad aluminum wire manufacturers

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copper clad aluminum wire manufacturers




Product Detail

copper clad aluminum wire is a new generation product that the country vigorously promotes. Henan Signi Aluminium is one of the copper clad aluminum wire manufacturers.
Using the world’s advanced coating and welding technology, the aluminum core line is concentrically wrapped with the copper layer bimetallic wire to achieve a metallurgical bond between the copper layer and the aluminum core wire. The copper layer is uniformly distributed in the circumferential and longitudinal directions, and the concentricity is good . Products are divided into soft state and hard state according to their state.

Henan Signi Aluminium is one of the copper clad aluminum wire manufacturers. Our company's copper clad aluminum wire has high copper purity, smooth surface, good weldability, storage resistance, high stability, and complete wire diameter specifications. It is widely used in degaussing coils, DY (deflection coils), power magnetic rings, air-core coils, cable television coaxial cables, large-capacity communication network signal cables, control signal cables, shielded wires, manufacturing civilian low-voltage wires, automotive low-voltage control wires, Special cable shielding and weaving.
Henan Signi Aluminium is one of the copper clad aluminum wire manufacturers. Our company now has copper-clad aluminum equipment and more than 50 wire drawing equipment (sets), including 5 assembly lines, and a standardized product inspection management system to produce excellent Copper-clad copper products provide protection. The current copper-clad aluminum production capacity is 120 tons/month. We adhere to the entrepreneurial policy of "survive by quality, develop by science and technology, and benefit by management", and sincerely hope to establish long-term cooperation with many domestic and foreign manufacturers for mutual benefit and win-win Partnership for development!

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