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The electromagnetic wires is also called winding wire.

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The electromagnetic wires is also called winding wire.




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Electromagnetic wires, also known as winding wires, are often divided into enameled wires, wrapped wires, enameled wrapped wires and inorganic insulating wires according to the insulation materials and manufacturing methods used in the electrical insulation layer. Initially enameled wire was made of tung oil and other oily enameled wires. Its paint film has poor wear resistance. It can not be directly used to manufacture motor coils and windings. Cotton yarn wrapping layer is needed in use. Later, polyvinyl formaldehyde enameled wire came out. Its mechanical properties were greatly improved. It can be directly used in motor windings, which is called high strength enameled wire.

With the development of weak current technology, self-adhesive enameled wires have emerged, which can obtain better coils without impregnation and baking. But its mechanical strength is poor. It can only be used in micro motors and small motors. In addition, in order to avoid the trouble of removing paint film before welding, a direct weldable enameled wire was developed. The coating film could fall off in the high temperature enamel tank and make the copper wire easy to weld. The application of enameled wire is more and more extensive, and the requirements are becoming stricter.
The enameled wires can be divided into polyester enameled wires, polyesterimide enameled wires, polyamide enameled wires, polyimide enameled wires, polyamide enameled wires, corona-resistant enameled wires, oil paint, acetal paint, polyurethane enameled wires etc. Sometimes they are classified according to their special characteristics, such as self adhesive enameled wire, cold resistant enameled wire, etc.

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