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Performance of Electromagnetic Wires

Author:frank   Time:2018-12-03   Source:未知

Performance of Electromagnetic Wires




Product Detail

Electromagnetic wire is one of the main materials of motor. The wires used in windings or coils are called electromagnetic wires. There are many kinds of electromagnetic wires. According to the shape of their cross section, they can be divided into three types: circular, flat and strip wires. Both circular and flat cross sections have uniform standard dimensions. The section size of strip conductor can be ordered with wire manufacturer according to the design requirement.      According to the characteristics and uses of insulating layer, electromagnetic wires can be divided into four categories: enameled wire, wrapped wire, inorganic insulating wire and special electromagnetic wire.

Enamelled wire requires uniform, smooth film and complete covering (fewer pinholes). The wire diameter and paint film thickness shall conform to the national standards. The performance of enameled wires is determined by the film, which generally includes the following items:
(1) Mechanical properties. The film should be scratchproof, elastic and suitable softness and elongation to ensure that the film can withstand friction, bending, stretching and compression during winding, insertion, stretching and shaping without damage.
(2) electrical properties. The main reason is that the breakdown voltage of the paint film should be high. For the enameled wire used in high frequency and high voltage motor windings, the tangent of the loss angle of the paint film should be small.
(3) thermal performance. It includes the softening breakdown, thermal aging and thermal shock properties of the paint film.
(4) Chemical properties. The ability of the paint film to withstand the erosion of chemicals such as acid, alkali, salt spray, organic solvents or refrigerants.

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