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Nylon overcoat enamelled wire

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Nylon overcoat enamelled wire




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Introduction of Nylon overcoat enamelled wire
Nylon overcoat enamelled wire, nylon is the trade name of polyamide. Nylon has good insulation properties. The enameled wire coated with it has good abrasion resistance, flexibility and adhesion of the paint film, small surface friction coefficient, and lubrication, so it is conducive to high-speed winding. In the production of enameled wire, nylon can be used to paint single-coated enameled wire, but it is mainly used to coat self-adhesive enameled wire with composite coating, such as polyester/nylon composite enameled wire, polyurethane/nylon composite enameled wire, polyvinyl formal/nylon composite Enameled wire, etc., in order to improve the performance of the enameled wire to meet different requirements.
Overview of Nylon overcoat enamelled wire
The United States began to use Nylon overcoat enamelled wire 6 in the early 1960s, its heat resistance grade is 105 ℃, in line with NEMAMW6-C technical conditions. The enameled wire coated with nylon has a smooth paint layer and good abrasion resistance, so it has good winding performance; it is compatible with most other insulating compounds, and can also be used with impregnating varnishes containing strong solvents. It can be used with rosin, alcohol Flux and tin-lead solder are used for soldering.
However, the paint film has poor moisture-proof performance, so it is not suitable for application in electrical equipment with high moisture-proof requirements. When coating nylon enameled wire, sometimes in order to reduce costs, you can also use nylon 66 polymer scraps. In view of the dark color of some scraps and the faint color of the painted paint film, U.S. General Cable used to add titanium dioxide with a nylon content of more than 3% to the nylon scraps, or add it as a paint with a solid content of more than 18%. , Make the painted film smooth and good color. This paint contains 15% to 18% nylon 66 fiber pile, 4% to 12% titanium dioxide, and 68% to 81% solvent (the solvent contains 20% to 50% cresol acid and other solvents). This kind of paint can also be used as the outer coating of other paint layers (such as acetal, polyurethane and polyester, etc.) to improve the windability and other properties of the enameled wire

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