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NOMEX insulated enameled aluminum wire

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NOMEX insulated enameled aluminum wire




Product Detail

Introduction of NOMEX insulated enameled aluminum wire
NOMEX insulated enameled aluminum wire is a wire extruded by an electrician round aluminum rod through a mold of a certain specification, and then repeatedly painted and baked into an enameled wire, and then wrapped by the T410 type NOMEX insulating paper produced by DuPont in the United States winding wire.
Specifications and Characteristics of NOMEX insulated enameled aluminum wire
The wire diameter of enameled round aluminum wire is from 0.15mm to 6.00mm.
The production range of enameled flat square aluminum wire
Narrow side size a: 0.80mm—5.60mm
   Wide side dimension b: 3.00mm—16.00mm
Enameled aluminum wire grade: 130, 155, 180, 200, etc.
Enamelled aluminum wire has good scratch resistance, adhesion, electrical properties, solvent resistance and heat dissipation.
Advantages of NOMEX insulated enameled aluminum wire
Due to its high electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity, NOMEX paper has good elasticity, flexibility, tear resistance, moisture resistance and abrasion resistance, and is very resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and will not be affected by insects, molds and fungi It is compatible with all kinds of varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricating oils, and refrigerants. In addition, NOMEX paper has high heat resistance, even if the temperature is as high as 220 ℃, it still maintains the original insulating properties, using NOMEX insulated enameled aluminum wire can bring many economic, environmental and safety benefits to customers.

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