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Introduction and usage of magnet wire

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Introduction and usage of magnet wire




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Magnet wire, also known as winding line, is used to make insulation wires in coil or winding of electrical products. Electromagnetic wires are usually divided into enameled wires,winding wires, enameled wrapping wires and inorganic insulated wires.

magnet wire

Magnet wire is an insulated wire used to make coils or windings in electrical products. It is also called the winding line. The electromagnetic wire must meet the requirements of various applications and manufacturing processes. The former includes its shape, specification, working at high temperature in short and long time, as well as the strong vibration and centrifugal force under high speed on certain occasions, resistance to corona and breakdown under high voltage, and chemical corrosion resistance in special atmospheres, and the requirements for tensile, bending and wear, as well as the requirements of drawing, bending and wear during winding and inlaying. Swelling and erosion during immersion and drying.

enameled wires

The electromagnetic wire can be classified according to its basic composition, conductor core and electrical insulation layer. It is usually divided into enameled wires, winding wires, enameled wrapping wires and inorganic insulated wires according to the insulation materials and manufacturing methods used in electrical insulation.
The usage of the electromagnetic line can be divided into two types:
(1) general use, mainly used in motor, electric appliance, instrument, transformer and so on, by winding the coil to produce electromagnetic effect, using the principle of electromagnetic induction to realize the purpose of electric energy and magnetic energy conversion.
(2)The special purpose is used in the fields of electronic components, new energy vehicles and other special characteristics. For example, the micro electronic wire is mainly used in the transmission of information in the electronic and information industry. The new energy automotive wire rod is mainly used for the production and manufacture of new energy vehicles.

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