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Glass fiber covered wrapped aluminum flat wire

Author:frank   Time:2019-08-12   Source:未知

Glass fiber covered wrapped aluminum flat wire




Product Detail

The so-called Glass fiber covered wrapped aluminum flat wire is made by coating the alkali-free glass fiber on the high-quality aluminum wire, and impregnating and baking the adhesive paint with the required temperature index and compatibility to make the glass fiber and the glass fiber. Bonded with the conductor as a whole, the insulation layer has certain wear resistance, adhesion, softness and withstand voltage. This kind of winding wire has good resistance to heat and overload. It is generally applicable to windings of high and low voltage, medium and large capacity electrical and mechanical products. At present, the temperature resistance index of such products has three levels of 130, 155 and 180.

The extension products of Glass fiber covered wrapped aluminum flat wire are: 1. Single glass double glass enamelled round aluminum wire flat aluminum wire wrapped package Its structure is basically like Glass fiber covered wrapped aluminum flat wire structure, the difference is that the bare wire is replaced by enameled wire. This kind of winding wire is “reinforced insulation”, which is suitable for the winding of motor electrical products with high working voltage and high reliability. For example, single glass enamelled round copper wire can be used for motor winding in poor working environment such as mine. on. The paint "wire core" has 130-220 different temperature indexes, but since the maximum temperature index of the bond paint is 180, the temperature index of this type of winding wire is only three grades of 130, 155 and 180.
2, glass fiber with film wrapped aluminum wire .The insulation structure of the winding wire is wrapped around the wire, then wrapped with glass fiber, and impregnated with the required temperature index of the bond paint, baking treatment. The product is characterized by relatively thin insulation thickness and high withstand voltage value, especially suitable for high-voltage motor windings with working voltage of 6KV and other motor and electrical product windings. The product's temperature resistance index is 130, 155, 180 three levels. The temperature resistance index is 130 series wrapped polyester film, 155, 180 wrapped polyester imide film or polyester imine-fluorine 4.6 composite film (the latter winding wire is better than the former), film thickness Generally, it is 0.05mm thick. If 0.02-50.03mm is used, and a single glass filament is added, it can be made into a product with a nominal thickness of 0.02mm. The breakdown voltage is not less than 2500V. The insulation xingn is better than the lacquered glass package. line.
3. Self-adhesive glass fiber wrapped aluminum wire. This kind of product is coated with self-adhesive paint on the surface of 1, 2, 3 products. This can simplify the winding wire bonding process, and the bonding quality is improved. The thickness of the viscous lacquer layer does not exceed 0.03 mm. The value of the lacquer layer may not be calculated during the design of the product. The lacquer layer is leveled when the solid is heated and pressurized, and the thickness may disappear after filling, which is a technical material. At present, the self-adhesive paint is applied on the flat wire and used more commonly. The temperature resistance index of the products also has three grades of 130, 155 and 180.

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