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Enameled Magnet wire

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Enameled Magnet wire




Product Detail

Enameled Magnet wire is a type of magnet wire (enameled wire). Conventionally, it refers to an insulated wire used to manufacture coils or windings in electrical products. Also called winding wire. Magnet wires must meet the requirements of a variety of applications and manufacturing processes. The former includes its appearance, specifications, short-term and long-term high temperature tasks, as well as acceptance of fierce vibration and centrifugal force at high speeds in certain places, resistance to corona and breakdown under high voltage, and resistance to extraordinary atmospheres. Chemical attack, etc.; the latter includes the requirements for avoiding stretching, bending and abrasion during winding and embedding, as well as the swelling and corrosion effects in the process of dipping and drying.
Enameled Magnet wire can be classified according to their basic composition, conductive core and electrical insulation layer. According to the insulation materials and manufacturing methods used in the electrical insulation layer, the earth is divided into enameled wire, winding wire, enameled winding wire and inorganic insulated wire. Enameled wire is coated with a corresponding lacquer solution on the outside of the conductor, and then it is made by solvent volatilization and solidification of the paint film and cooling.
The Enameled Magnet wire can be divided into polyester enameled wire, polyesterimide enameled wire, polyamideimide enameled wire, polyimide enameled wire, polyesterimide/polyamideimide enameled wire, and corona resistant enameled wire according to the insulating varnish used. , And oil paint, acetal paint, polyurethane enameled wire, etc. Sometimes it is also classified according to the extraordinaryness of its use, such as self-adhesive enameled wire, refrigerant-resistant enameled wire and so on.

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