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Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire

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Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire




Product Detail

The Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire refers to a wire mainly composed of an aluminum core wire and coated with a copper layer of a certain proportion on the outside, and can be used as a conductor for a coaxial cable and a wire and cable conductor in an electric device. The aluminum wire has a small specific gravity, but its welding performance is not good. Therefore, the aluminum wire is surrounded by a copper layer, and the Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire
 can utilize the advantage of small aluminum gravity and can also improve the welding performance. [1] Applicable to the power and electrical industries, the category level is international and domestic.
The main function of Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire
Because the main function of this type of wire is to transmit a signal, the current flowing through it is small. However, since the conductivity of aluminum is only 2/3 of that of copper, the national standard stipulates that all wires and cables used for transmitting electrical energy must be made of non-metallized or metal-plated annealed copper wires. Aluminum wires (including copper-clad aluminum) are prohibited. Line) as a conductor.
Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire material and manufacturing
The Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire shall consist of an aluminum core and an outer continuous copper layer, and the copper layer shall be sufficiently combined with the core wire. The quality of copper clad aluminum wire shall comply with the requirements of this standard.
Dimensional quality of Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire
The size of the Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire is expressed in wire diameter in inches and its decimal decimal is accurate to 0.0001 inch (0.003 mm). For wire diameters below 0.0100 in. (0.254 mm), the wire diameter shall not vary by more than ±0.0001 in. (±0.003 mm) of the specified diameter. For wire diameters equal to and greater than 0.01130 in. (0.254 mm), the wire diameter shall not vary greater than The specified diameter is ±1% and the dimensions are accurate to 0.0001 inches (0.003 mm).
Product quality appearance of Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire
Copper/Aluminium Clad Wire shall be free of dents, cracks, aluminum or other defects that are inconsistent with good industrial practice.
For copper-clad aluminum wires with a diameter of 0.0720 inches (1.829 mm) and above, the surface finish inspection is performed using the naked eye (which is also possible with normal glasses). For copper-clad aluminum wires with a diameter of less than 0.0720 inches, the surface finish inspection shall be carried out with a magnification of not more than 10 times.

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