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Anodized Aluminum wires

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Anodized Aluminum wires




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Aluminum wire is a commonly used material for winding transformers, and with the development of the power industry, especially the aluminum wire materials used in various transformers used in power transmission and transformation engineering systems, electric welding machines, general transformers, iron separators, electromagnets Electrical equipment such as rectifiers, rectifiers and other electrical equipment need to be wound with aluminum wire, but during use, the surface of these materials is not insulated. When using, the outer surface needs to be coated with a layer of insulation (such as insulating paint) or wrapped In this way, the following problems will arise: 1. As everyone knows, the temperature resistance and cost of insulating materials are important issues in the production and use of electrical products, which directly affect the electrical performance, use performance and production cost of electrical products At present, most of the temperature resistance limits of widely used insulating materials are below 120 ℃. Insulating materials above 120 ℃ cannot be widely used because of their high cost. They are only used in special electrical appliances;

Anodized Aluminum wires
Anodized Aluminum wires are composed of aluminum wire that uses electrochemical methods to form an oxide film on its surface. The oxide film insulates and protects the aluminum wire. This kind of aluminum wire, aluminum foil or aluminum foil with an oxide film formed on the outer surface The aluminum strip is called an Anodized Aluminum wires.
Anodized Aluminum wires and its production process to replace the currently used transformer winding.
The Anodized Aluminum wires is easy to produce, low cost, temperature resistant, convenient to use, simple in process, good in product quality, easy to promote and apply, and has great economic value.

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