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Application of Aluminum Electromagnetic Wire in Transformer

Author:frank   Time:2018-12-17   Source:未知

Application of Aluminum Electromagnetic Wire in Transformer




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Aluminum electromagnetic wire is widely used in transformers in Europe and the United States, because the price of aluminium is much cheaper than copper, and the density of aluminium is much smaller than copper. Aluminum is much lighter than copper in the same cross-section. The resistivity of the two wires at 20 C is copper: 0.017241_ mm2/m; and aluminium: 0.02801_ mm2/m. As long as the aluminium material with larger cross Lower loss value.
For epoxy resin cast dry-type transformer, the cracking resistance of aluminium winding wire is better than that of copper winding because the thermal expansion and contraction coefficient of aluminium is closer to that of epoxy resin than that of copper. And because the mechanical strength of the dry epoxy resin casting winding itself is very good, there is no difference in mechanical strength between copper and aluminium.

Aluminum electromagnetic wire transformer can operate safely and reliably. IEC standards and national standards do not exclude aluminium as conductor. In GB1094.5-2008 Item 4.1 and IEC60076-5:2006, the regulations, calculation methods and relevant parameters of copper winding and aluminium winding wire on heat resistance to short circuit are given, from which it can be concluded that aluminium conductor can be used as transformer conductor.
As long as the aluminium electromagnetic wire transformer can withstand the heat resistance requirement of short circuit current and the dynamic stability requirement of mechanical force during short circuit, it is qualified. As long as the design is reasonable, the process should be adjusted accordingly. Especially when the welding technology is passed, the high temperature resistance (improving the heat resistance grade) and low loss can be achieved. Aluminium winding wire transformer will be widely used. Users also need to have a corresponding understanding. Users think that the temperature of aluminium electromagnetic wire transformer rises, its life is short, and they dare not use it. However, users praise imported aluminium winding wire transformer endlessly, but worry about domestic aluminium winding wire transformer heavily. Therefore, a unified understanding between transformer factories and users is needed to promote the application of aluminium wire transformer in order to proceed smoothly.

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