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Fiberglass Covered Aluminum Wire Production Proce

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Fiberglass Covered Aluminum Wire Production Proce

Factory:Signi Aluminium

Specification: Standard

Quantity: User requirement

Product Detail

Fiberglass Covered Aluminum Wire Production Proce

One step :
Take the pure aluminum material drawing into the aluminium rod wire;

Two step :
Through the extrusion production line, take the aluminum rod wire into extruding and coarse drawing operation, then becoming the requirement specification of Bare aluminium wire;

Three step :
Take up the Bare aluminum wire conductor, and inspection the bare wire coil products;

Four step :
Annealing the bare aluminum wire, and placed neatly, ready to production;

Five step :
Pay-off the wire coil products, ready to fiber glass covering production;

Six step :
Taking into straightening and tension levelling operation, and then for the covering fiber glass;

Seven step :
Doing the fiber-glass covering operation, and inspecion the production process;

Eight step :
Packing the fiberglass covered wire products, and placed neatly in the warehouse.

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