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180 Grade Self Bonding Enamelled Copper Wire

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180 Grade Self Bonding Enamelled Copper Wire




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With the rapid development of the domestic electronics industry, the demand for enameled wire as an electronic product has further expanded. With the continuous upgrading and upgrading of domestic products, the proportion of high-grade enameled wire is increasing. At present, high-grade enameled wires mainly rely on imports, especially high-heat grade and high-lubrication self-adhesive enameled wires are almost all imported. At present, my country only produces self-adhesive straight welding enameled wire, flame-retardant self-adhesive enameled wire, F-grade self-adhesive wire and alcohol-soluble self-adhesive wire, all of which are 130 or 155 low-grade wires. In order to solve the problem of dependence on imports, it is necessary to develop high-end products to replace imported products.
   180 Grade Self Bonding Enamelled Copper Wire and its production method, which are formed by coating a 0.03-0.200mm copper wire with an insulating layer and baking, the insulating layer is three-layer insulating paint, and the inner layer is 180-grade polyurethane Paint, the middle layer is 180 grade polyamide resin insulating paint, the outer layer is polyacetal resin insulating paint. The invention adopts the production process of the same speed and different temperature in the double-layer furnace enameling machine, which solves the cross-linking curing between three kinds of paint liquids with different characteristics, so that the three kinds of paint can reach the best curing state, and the lubricity of the enameled wire is improved. And wear resistance, solves the problem of high-speed winding of coils, and can directly generate heat by friction and rapid prototyping.
180 Grade Self Bonding Enamelled Copper Wireis suitable for TV sets, deflection coils of display circles, small motor manufacturing and other fields.

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